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Vampire Diaries

I have no interest in getting involve with the trend that follows the Twilight saga success. But soon enough, I realized how wrong was I to do that. The truth is, S. Meyer, is the one borrowing ideas from the easy way out of writing about the easiest hit making elements of the forbidden love between humans and the non-humans slash immortals slash aliens. However, in ways that is hard to describe, somehow, I got a hold of 'Vampire Diaries.' the series. I saw the first episode on a plane ride and decided that this is just another CW drama borrowing stuffs from something S. Meyers herself borrows from the others. The actors don't deliver, the dialogue pretty trite, and the Edward Cullen elements are waaaay overused. However, half an hour into the show, one scene in particular that somewhat reminded me of 'True Blood' and the whole telepathic theme, grabbed my attention. And I remember particularly well that soon after, I found myself unable to tear my eyes away from the screen, and was quite sorry that the plane only offered the pilot episode.
I did some quick research on it and found out that it was based on novels of the same title and the best thing about it, it was published some 15 years ago. I thought at first, do I want to get myself involve in this? reading novels, that were mass produced back when I was 15 years old, the olden time where cell phones were as mythical as the the subject matter, and the people were still fascinated with "The Simpsons," and "Beverly Hills 90210." I juggled with that thought a lot and decided that yes I would embark into this whole make believe world where vampire collides with humans and find love, AGAIN.


I tried to make Breakfast at Tiffany's one of my fave films and I continue to fail at it.

I think Russell Brant is uber hot.

Sunset Boulevard is still the best musical ever.

I'd still watch all films by Robert Pattinson, despite being disappointed over and over again.

Jun. 28th, 2009

I've been on Korean mode for almost two weeks now. Freakin' Lee Dong Wook.

Jun. 28th, 2009

Dear Lord, teach me to trust in You in everything. I'm learning to let go of my fear and worries.
Here I am again...after a whirlwind week. Cassidy got sick. Just when I thought she wouldn't get sick again before flying back to Perth, she actually gotten sick. She is well now, but the whole traveling schedule is all over the place. But thank God for His mercy that we have a new schedule to return to Perth and an extra week here with my mom.

And so it began when I ran out things to watch while tending to Cassidy and decided to watch an old Korean Drama. Old or new, I wouldn't know the difference. I haven't bothered myself with Korean drama for quite some time. To be exact, ever since back in the days when the glorious Korean drama was "Autumn love Story" and "Winter Sonata", the two that catapulted South East Asian viewers to Korean film industry and Korea as a whole.

I didn't have anything against Korean series. The setting is always good. Their wardrobe is gorgeous, The songs are relatively good even if you didn't think so to begin with, but by the end of it you most probably will since songs are deliberately used to enhance the most memorable scenes. The actors, easy on the eye. Except for a couple of things: they are really really really really S.....L.......o......w......... And I have no patience since I've been trained to watch scenes being chopped off all the time just need to get the story going. And K drama can go on and on and on and on and on F....o....r...e...v...e.........r.rrrrrrr

When I accidentally watched this show, I wasn't really expecting anything other than just to pass my time with Cassidy. However, little did I know that I'd be in for such a sweet treat. The show is a precious gem. The moments between the main character and her love interests are just beautiful, not forgetting the songs they selected to represent their feelings.

I can't help re watching certain scenes over and over again. They truly capture the feelings these characters through the brilliant use of camera techniques to capture the emotions of multiple character in a single scene. And of course,not forgetting the actor' ability to deliver without speaking. These actors are young, fresh and surprisingly talented. Asian shows fond of using facial expression to enhance a scene or a feeling, the same techniques applied to the American Cinema, they'd look so cheesy.

I am a big supporter of scenes that speak for itself through anything but words. I guess I know where I got that from, watching too much Asian drama when I was growing up.

He is not that into You

Oh for the love of God. What is going on?? Justin Long actually not too bad, Ben Affleck is quite forgiving, and while it's enough to watch it once, "He is Just not that into You" is quite soothing in some ways.

Jun. 7th, 2009

Watched Last Chance Harvey. It helps that I don't dislike Emma Thompson and I love Dustin Hoffman and despite this film being a tad too old for me, I still get that element of sweetness without being too corny. Love the soundtrack too.


Well, or I could do the other more extreme things: no internet for a month or no DVDs for a month, those and bible reading.
am starting a new project....been going crazy with worries, anxiety and fear. Will try reading bible everyday for the next 40 days and record thoughts and reflections here and see how it will change my life.


I am dreading to watch the last episode of Standoff. Sure I can watch the available episodes over and over again, but I'm just so mesmerized by Matt and Emily that I can't get enough of the two of them.