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Letters to Juliet

I like the whole idea behind "Letters to Juliet". A girl who dreamed of becoming a writer, worked as a fact checker at "The New Yorker", went to Verona, ended up uniting a pair of long lost lovers, and eventually found herself her own true love.

I thought the story lines behind all the romcoms I've watched this year are great story lines. But unfortunately, when they were made into the screen, they don't seem to work quite as well.

I have nothing against "Letters to Juliet."
It is wonderfully written & beautifully acted by some of the greatest Actors around:
Vanessa Redgrave as Claire, Franco Nero as Lorenzo, Gael Garcia as victor, Amanda Seyfried as Sophie, and Christopher Egan as Charlie.
But I was disappointed at how disconnected I was with all the characters, considering all of them are supposedly rich in personality given their passions, and intriguing past.

The relationship between Charlie and Sophie, for example, started off pretty strong with the two of them being the polar opposite of each other, yet, the transformation of their feelings from loath to love were minimally developed.

As for Claire and Lorenzo, the long lost lovers, how I wish I was given a glimpse of their passionate and desperate love, instead of just hearing snippets of it through Claire's letter and her occasional re-telling of her summer romance 50 years prior.

On top of it all, I can't write this without paying my respect and admiration to Ms. Vanessa Redgrave for being so radiant, funny, and moving at the same time.