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It's everywhere if you take the time to ask for it.
It even appeared out of nowhere when you least expected it, at the least expected time.

"Perfect Strangers" by Robyn Sisman

I have started re-reading "Perfect Strangers" which is of course one of my all time favorite romantic books. I read it for the first time about a decade ago, wrote a brief review in Amazon.com, and, a couple years later, wrote another review, this time in Amazon.co.uk, when I read it again for the second time. I was searching for my reviews the other day but I couldn't find any of them, which is quite a bummer cause I'd really love to read what I wrote back then. And now that I am re-reading it for the 3rd time, I just feel the sudden urge to write a review about it, again:

It is the making of a love story between Suze and Lloyd, who first, responded to one another as employees in the same company who swapped apartments between 2 continents, then as allies against a colleague who planned to dismiss Lloyd. Inevitably, through it all, they fall in love, without ever meeting one another. Of course, they concealed their growing affection from each other. Whhen they finally meet for the first time, their near love confession resulted in one of the most satisfying and heartfelt endings ever.

Please take note that this book is 13 years of age and the fact that this is a love story that blossommed via trans atlantic communication, there are many details that need to be overlooked. And once you do, "Perfect Strangers" is definitely an enjoyable chicklit.

This is the kind of book that makes you want to fall in love all over again. Robyn Sisman definitely sets a standard for the chicklit genre with her spot-on observations of man and woman in search of love.

Back on Binge-ing on Han TV.

Re watched an episode of an old Korea drama just to find out if I still have the hots for the dude. Although the fire has slightly fizzled, Jae Hee still manages to mesmerize me with his dashing smile,strong square jaws and the occasional coyness of his eyes. (I am so full of s&^*)

Anyhoo, I have no idea the point I am trying to make.
Oh, yes, I do remember now!!It is almost the end of 2010 and my favorite Korean dramas remain to be those that are made in 2005. *sigh*

Letters to Juliet

I like the whole idea behind "Letters to Juliet". A girl who dreamed of becoming a writer, worked as a fact checker at "The New Yorker", went to Verona, ended up uniting a pair of long lost lovers, and eventually found herself her own true love.

I thought the story lines behind all the romcoms I've watched this year are great story lines. But unfortunately, when they were made into the screen, they don't seem to work quite as well.

I have nothing against "Letters to Juliet."
It is wonderfully written & beautifully acted by some of the greatest Actors around:
Vanessa Redgrave as Claire, Franco Nero as Lorenzo, Gael Garcia as victor, Amanda Seyfried as Sophie, and Christopher Egan as Charlie.
But I was disappointed at how disconnected I was with all the characters, considering all of them are supposedly rich in personality given their passions, and intriguing past.

The relationship between Charlie and Sophie, for example, started off pretty strong with the two of them being the polar opposite of each other, yet, the transformation of their feelings from loath to love were minimally developed.

As for Claire and Lorenzo, the long lost lovers, how I wish I was given a glimpse of their passionate and desperate love, instead of just hearing snippets of it through Claire's letter and her occasional re-telling of her summer romance 50 years prior.

On top of it all, I can't write this without paying my respect and admiration to Ms. Vanessa Redgrave for being so radiant, funny, and moving at the same time.

Leap Year

"Leap Year", a picturesque film starring two of the hottest actors around, not forgetting, talented as well (Amy Adams and Matthew Goode). At the first 20 minutes or so, I wanted to smash the TV screen each time they started their mindless, cheesy banter at each other. And then, I chose to mute it and just enjoy the lush Irish scenery and, and just watched them. Watched how their banters turned into forgiving glances and smiles, and love. Soon, the dialogues becomes less and the focus shifted more and more on the beautiful, colorful greenery Irish hills. Nice film to watch after a dreary day.

Bounty Hunter

"Bounty Hunter" reminds me of "Bird on a Wire" except that Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn were definitely a stunning duo and definitely more electrifying than Jennifer and Gerard. Although the "love and hate relationship and second chance in love" theme is quite ancient yet it continues to have a special place in my heart. Forget about storyline. It doesn't really matter to me at all. After all I watch rom com and the most important element is not the storyline, it's the chemistry, in which, I am slightly disappointed here. I thought the winning element here is that both characters are passionate people who are good in doing the things they are good at. And to be honest, the everyday average Joes & Joanne characters have been quite a bore lately (guys & gals who are stuck in a job they hate and all the did is complain complain and complain). Come on bring in the cool ex cop and brilliant but nosy reporter!! in which they did in "Bounty Hunter"
I'd rather stepped into a faux modernized 19th century building that sell books with glossy covers while DVDS are sold on the second floor, than being in a used bookstore that's housed in a building circa 1960s and smelled of dust and musk, with a shop attendant that already has an opinion of me the moment I opened the door.

when in Rome

It started out pretty high budget although the Rome background is so fake that it could almost be a built up backdrop that was once used to shoot an Italian drink commercial. It feels like the filmmaker is trying very hard for us to get the idea between the love of art & the magic of falling in love, in two of the most romantic places in the world, New York and Rome. But unfortunately, I just don't get them. It reminds me of those romcoms that ended up straight to video and we'd casually find out about them because starz channel or HBO pick them up and show them almost 10 times a day for a certain period of time.

When in Rome should go straight to video. I wonder if the reason for the fact that people have to pay for this is because its supporting roles are handed out to a delicious cast. I mean come on!! Anjelica Houston? Danny DeVito? Don Johnson? Peggy Lipton? although they were all yesteryear people and no one under the age of 21 would have ever heard about them, they still at one stage hold their names above a title. So maybe, it is the reason. who knows.
time to relax with the clouds in the sky and the soothing sounds of my wind chimes

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves: An actor who had starred in way too many bad films but never once did any of those affect his career whatsoever.
I've just realized I've watched most of his films in the 90s and the last decade.

Top 5 Best Keanu Reeves' Films
5. I Love You to Death
4. Point Break
3. Devil's Advocate
2. Matrix
1. Speed