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Bounty Hunter

"Bounty Hunter" reminds me of "Bird on a Wire" except that Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn were definitely a stunning duo and definitely more electrifying than Jennifer and Gerard. Although the "love and hate relationship and second chance in love" theme is quite ancient yet it continues to have a special place in my heart. Forget about storyline. It doesn't really matter to me at all. After all I watch rom com and the most important element is not the storyline, it's the chemistry, in which, I am slightly disappointed here. I thought the winning element here is that both characters are passionate people who are good in doing the things they are good at. And to be honest, the everyday average Joes & Joanne characters have been quite a bore lately (guys & gals who are stuck in a job they hate and all the did is complain complain and complain). Come on bring in the cool ex cop and brilliant but nosy reporter!! in which they did in "Bounty Hunter"