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when in Rome

It started out pretty high budget although the Rome background is so fake that it could almost be a built up backdrop that was once used to shoot an Italian drink commercial. It feels like the filmmaker is trying very hard for us to get the idea between the love of art & the magic of falling in love, in two of the most romantic places in the world, New York and Rome. But unfortunately, I just don't get them. It reminds me of those romcoms that ended up straight to video and we'd casually find out about them because starz channel or HBO pick them up and show them almost 10 times a day for a certain period of time.

When in Rome should go straight to video. I wonder if the reason for the fact that people have to pay for this is because its supporting roles are handed out to a delicious cast. I mean come on!! Anjelica Houston? Danny DeVito? Don Johnson? Peggy Lipton? although they were all yesteryear people and no one under the age of 21 would have ever heard about them, they still at one stage hold their names above a title. So maybe, it is the reason. who knows.